Friday, August 14, 2009

Don't Touch the Cotton Candy!

As you read this, I'm moving into my dorm at the South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics. (Phew, that's a mouthful!) So in the spirit of starting a new school year at a brand new school I figured I should share a fun, if embarrassing, moment. And a brief warning about school pep rallies. Mainly the ones where kids are mixing the cotton candy.Don't touch the cotton candy at the pep rallies. Seriously. Do. Not. Touch. Not only was my tongue dyed purple until the next morning when it was merely a hint at the tip of my tongue, but my fingers had a nice tint as well. Oh, and your spit is also brilliantly hued. And believe me, when the cotton candy is that vibrant, you won't be able to taste anything but bitterness for a few hours. And soda-of any kind-doesn't fix it. Trust me. Luckily I was around friends of several years. But that didn't save me when the teacher who took this picture showed it to all the kids in all his classes the next day.

New schools can be scary, but they can be a great opportunity to grow. Yes, I know that's what parents are always saying, but it's true. Whether you are moving up to high school or going on to college, don't be afraid to stretch your comfort zone. Meet new people who share your interests by joining a club or sport. For those musically inclined, marching band is a great option. These people can help you find your classes, warn you about the really strict teachers, and save you a seat at the lunch table. Marching band did a lot to help me through my freshman year of high school because I met people who were already familiar with the surroundings and were willing to help out the geeky flute player. So don't be afraid to try new things!

Good luck to all of you students bracing for school! And don't forget to pick up you copy of
Just One of the Guys* to help ease the transition!

*now on Kindle!


  1. love the story wish there was more 2 it

  2. Ok, ok, I know this is really dumb of me to.. Umm.. I guess...type? But HOLY MOTHER OF CHICKENS I LOVED YOUR STORY!!!!! Have you ever thought about writing another????? Sam reminded me a lot like someone I know *cough*myself*cough* and I would be ever so grateful if you wrote a sequel (bats eyelashes here) but, anyway, I have to go take my dog for a walk now. Urgh, have you ever smelled dog poo? Lemme tell ya. Its not pretty.

  3. cool story! wish there was another... plz write more!

  4. seemed like the plot was just getting going, wish there was more, has the potentia lto be abrilliant book or novel

  5. you ruined my day... why did you stop writing?!