Thursday, July 23, 2009

One time at Band Camp...

Most of my friends are currently in various stages of summer band camp. The percussionists and color guard are at their super-focused camps without the regular band crazies to distract them. The regular band crazies are bracing themselves for their camp starting next week.

And this is the south, so everything is hot and humid- and it's worse because everyone is working on super hot asphalt. And it's not even nice and smooth hot asphalt, its old rocky, bumpy asphalt. (And for accident-prone people like me, this leads to tripping and stumbling, the likelihood of which is only increased by the aforementioned heat.)

So it occurs to me that I have 2 years worth of stories to share with you, my faithful readers. Hm. Now which one should I feature today? That's it! Dragonflies!

(This involves a section leader who will now be called SL for the sake of privacy.)
We had to learn lateral slides- which are painful and awkward until you get the hang of them. The idea is that your feet always face the direction you are moving in while your instrument (a.k.a. arms and face) is parallel to the sidelines at all times. See below. On the left of the field are normal, easier directions of travel. On the right is a lateral slide.Now, SL was trying to teach us how to do these while walking in a straight line, playing our flutes, and marching the prescribed distance. We only escaped when a crippled dragonfly became stuck to SL's shoe and hung on for a good 5 minutes while she danced around. But then she executed a kick worthy of an international soccer star and flung him onto somebody's windshield, where he promptly died.

But she didn't lose the dragonflies that easily. No, two weeks later at an after-school practice, SL had another one fly into her sports drink. The next week there was another dragonfly stuck to her shoe. At our first game, one flew into her hair. The list of encounters is endless.

I don't know if the curse has been broken, as she left for college. But it makes you wonder... Do dragonflies have some sort of psychic connection to each other? Is earth populated by Jedi dragonflies? And does anyone else know of other band camp curses?

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