Saturday, April 25, 2009

Furry... Saturday? Oops!

Yeah, yeah, I know today's Saturday. But I forgot to stick this up on Friday, so we'll just have to pretend. And yes, I know I've kept you guys waiting for like, forever. But, I promise, Alex's doberman is well worth it! Boo-Boo, Boo for short, is a true sweetheart!

Age: 4 years

Gender: Female

Height: 24 inches

Weight: 85 lbs

Origins: Boo-Boo is the Wilson's family dog. They got her from the local rescue shelter as a puppy. While she was (and when nervous is) a tenacious chewer of all things chewable, the family stuck with her. No, they never messed with her ears or bobbed her tail. Isn't she so very cute this way?

Favorite Game(s):
Boo loves to wrestle with Alex and play tug-o-war with whatever is handy. She loves it when she gets to play with Sam's Tolkien, and the two will roughhouse and run until they collapse. She also likes to trip people up at the door and pull other mischievous pranks. Her absolute favorite toy is one she's had since puppyhood- a ratty old teddy bear that Alex calls "the mutant." The mutant is, however, a cuddle-only toy and is not up for the ravages of tug-o-war.

More info: Boo-Boo may be a fierce looking doberman, but she has a huge and somewhat cowardly heart! Thunderstorms, fireworks, and even a loud rainstorm will send her to her "den"- a mess of blankets, old toys, and stolen shoes tucked into a back corner of the family TV room.

I hope you enjoyed finally learning about Alex's dog. But I have some completely, totally, amazing news that can't wait any longer:

Just One of the Guys is coming out May 1st!

You can find my first short story at Sam and the guys are at band camp, a place of work, trouble, sun, and fun. But which will Sam find herself in? Marching, guys, bugs, music, guys... It's enough to make a girl's head spin! Read the story to find out just what it means to be one of the guys!

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