Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To My Guys...

And the countdown continues with:

The Guy Friends

No, I didn't forget, Bertrand! I did promise to mention you by your first name. So here are my thanks to my own guy gang: Preston, Bertrand, Jacob, Eddie, Scott, and the rest. This story would never have happened if I hadn't met all of you. I have had tons have fun in all the years that I have known you guys. No one's mind could possibly imagine half the stuff we've gotten ourselves into- thanks for all the awesome ideas! And yeah, I have contemplated shipping one or two of you overseas every once in a while... but only when you really got on my nerves. Lolz =)

Bertrand- Ta-da! Your name is at long last on my blog in as official a dedication as I can make for you. Thanks for all the hugs and for finally cleaning out the locker. But it is looking a bit cluttered again...

- You're just going to have to read the story on Friday- no more inside info. No matter how many times you ask me in the middle of Spanish class! Thanks for all the computer advice and for teaching me math for two years. Governor's School is gonna rock!

- I know you don't like my blender metaphor, but it's okay. I'd never really put you in one. Don't give up yet- one day the tennis team will beat Wando. I'll miss you next year, and I promise to visit! Here that? I promise.

- You've been one of my best friends since 1st grade. Thanks for going to summer camps with me and for teaching me how to fish. Most especially, thank you for not laughing at that bat that once got stuck in my hair! A true gentleman...

- Thanks for making me laugh at myself and for attempting to teach me leet-speak. Even though I'm hopeless. Did you notice my 'lolz' earlier? Also, thanks for showing me that sleep definitely is the best policy for any situation. And don't you DARE torrent my story... >=[

Just One of the Guys is coming out this Friday. Find your copy at quakeme.com!

Sam may be a girl, but she's always been one of the boys. Now she and her friends are at band camp- and the heat is the least of Sam's worries. Giant bugs, crazy musicians, and boys? This may just be a recipe for the perfect "One time at band camp..." story!


  1. Friends are always so important! It's great you're honoring them!


  2. Thanks, although one of them is trying to cause some trouble on the blog... LOL