Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Who's Who Wednesday?

This week features Alex Wilson!

Age: 16

: Alex is usually found in a standard t-shirt and jeans. His shirts are usually music-related, ranging from concert souvenirs to marching show shirts to guitar shop freebies. Alex's longish blond hair gives him a carefree air, which is magnified by his worn jeans and grungy gym shoes. Alex always has his iPod plugged in when he isn't carting his own acoustic guitar around. Alex is a friend's friend and is a lively member of any gathering.

Driving Status: Restricted with his own Jeep. Has a lot of freedom on the road- after suffering through multiple driver's ed classes.

Favorite Class(es)
: Chemistry and Band- gotta love the rhythms

: Tenor saxophone for band class, guitar for jazz band and personal use

After-School Activities
: Alex is usually wrapped up either in marching band practice or jazz rehearsal/performances. For him, its all about the music. Alex also likes to compete in spring science competitions- outlets for his interest in wacky science facts.

: Alex enjoys teaching himself how to play various guitars- so far he has mastered acoustic and electric. Right now, Alex is learning electric bass. Alex also likes to endanger his parent's kitchen and backyard by replicating interesting experiments he sees on television (i.e. Discovery channel).

Weekend Stuff: When Alex isn't crashing with the rest of the crew, he's usually off performing with the school jazz ensemble. Or maybe he's just at home spending some quality time with his television set. Either way, you can bet Alex is having fun and relaxing before heading back to school on Monday.

Come back on Friday to meet Alex's furry companion!

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  1. I loved Chemistry! Can't wait to read more about Alex when your story comes out!