Thursday, March 26, 2009

Furry Friday

Thanks for visiting this most recent Furry Friday! This week features Alan's Maine coon cat, Artemis!

: 14 weeks

Gender: Female

: 8 inches, not including the tail- Artemis will keep growing until she is close to 5 years old!

6 inches at the shoulder

: 2 lbs.

Origins: For Christmas, Alan was told that he could choose a kitten from one of the litters at the local animal shelter. As he walked by Artemis's enclosure, she reached out, snagged his jeans, and refused to let go. He has been hers ever since. Her name is a by-product of Alan being required to read Edith Hamilton's Mythology for his English class. Her coloring and attitude put him in mind of the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt.

Favorite Game(s): Artemis loves to wrestle and teeth on Alan. She is also fond of chasing the fish-shaped laser pointer he bought for her. Recently, Artemis has discovered her power of intimidation- and enjoys employing it against Tolkien whenever he comes for a visit. She is very proud of her canine mind-control powers.

More info: Artemis is an indoor-only cat, but whenever Alan is home they are attached at the hip. It often seems that Artemis is just a very small puppy the way she trails after her person. While she is suspicious of strangers, she will warm to them if they are patient and friendly to Alan.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Alan's fluffy companion. Next week, prepare to meet Matt's animal counter-part!

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  1. Awww... She is the cutest little cat!! Sounds like a new version of man's best friend:)