Monday, March 16, 2009

Mondays- Not My Friends

Love polar bears- hate Mondays. Sigh. Today marks the end of my weekend freedom and the return to my dungeon of a school. Ha ha, see that's funny- we call our football "stadium" The Dungeon.

I get to leave my nice warm, well-lit home that holds my laptop for the temperature-challenged, dim hallways filled with textbooks. But I'm supposed to stay positive:

* I get to try and finish my robot for engineering- hopefully it will work and not pull itself apart!
* I will test the acidity of household substances (like soda) in my physical science class.
* I will enjoy 3 free cookies. Hurrah! (See Saturday's post to learn more)

Okay, so I'm obviously not feeling super excited. The good news is several of my band friends will be back from their All-State trip and they should help keep me awake and amused. Yawn. I'm already falling asleep. Who knows, maybe I might have some fun taking notes... Which reminds me, Spanish quiz! Tuna = atun, chicken = pollo, beef = carne, corn = maize, etc. Easy peasy.

I'm not the only who feels this way about Mondays. Sam and her friends all bemoan the end of each weekend- preferring DVD's to textbooks. Who can blame them? Weekends are packed with late nights, TV, video games, soda, and free time. School- not usually so exciting.

Once I get Sam out of bed, I'll get some notes together for you about her weekend's antics. Check back tomorrow to find out what she and the boys got themselves into this time!

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