Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who's Who Wednesday

I am proud to announce the debut of a new weekly feature: Who's Who Wednesday. Each Triple W post will introduce a character from my new short, Just One of the Guys. Today's star is none other than the heroine herself: Samantha (Sam) Elisabeth Lansey!

Age: 15 1/2

: Sam's height is at the short end of average. Her long auburn hair is usually whipped into a braided ponytail and her iPod never leaves her hip. Sam has bright green eyes that are usually looking through contacts. Her regular clothing ensemble includes jeans, a t-shirt, an over-sized hoodie, and a pair of Converse sneakers. While not a physical characteristic, it must be said that "one of the guys" is always lurking in the shadows, prepared to jump in at the best, or worst, moment.

Driving Status
: Learner's Permit + driving class (16 comes around and the restricted is hers!)

Favorite Class(es)
: Culinary Arts class and Band. It's all about the band!

: flute and piccolo. Sam marches with her piccolo, but she usually plays flute during the concert season.

After-School Activities
: Sam's afternoons are usually devoted to marching rehearsal, but beforehand she always walks to the nearest fast-food joint with the rest of the group. On the rare occasions that she doesn't have practice, Sam can usually be found putting extra hours in at the school's culinary building. It's early in the year, so things may change depending on what life throws Sam's way.

: Sam is always cooking! Whether she's mixing up snacks and treats for the gang, helping the parentals out with dinner, or preparing potluck type foods for band trips Sam is always tuned into her music and up to her elbows in flour. She also loves to create playlists for herself and her friends from her dad's vast collection of CD's and the newest hits on the internet.

Weekend Stuff
: Sam's weekends belong to Colby, Matt, Alan, and Alex. Running around the neighborhood, spending hours at the movie theatre, crashing at each other's houses... You name it, Sam's either doing it or is planning to get to it. That is, if there isn't a band competition or a family friend coming to visit...

I certainly hoped you enjoyed meeting Sam today! Prepare to meet Colby, a flirtatious goof like no other next Triple W!


  1. The voting over there is looking great for the band! Woo hoo!


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  3. Sam sounds like a great character! Can't wait till next week to hear about Colby!


  4. Thanks for your support, Alyssa!

    As to you, Regan- everybody knows that it's "all about the band!"

    LOL, Iris