Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who's Who Wednesday

It's that special time again! Welcome to the 2nd Triple W! This week will feature a closer look at Colby Ryans.

Age: 16

: Colby's short, curly black hair tops a brown head and equally brown eyes. He's never seen without his basic black-and-white Chuck Taylor's. Colby may not dress fancy, but he dresses conciously. With all of his clothes meticulously spotless, he may be mistaken as slick. However, his charm quickly corrects any misconceptions. He's fun, flirty, and loyal. He's always laughing- and is ALWAYS keeping an eye on any guy not in the gang that comes anywhere close to Sam.

Driving Status: Restricted license with extra parental limitations...

Favorite Class(es)
: P.E. and Band- by far the most interesting thing on the schedule!

: marches on the battery as a snare drum, plays all over the percussion section in concert band

After-School Activities
: Marching band. Colby has a job at the local ice cream shop whenever he doesn't have practice. Until marching season is over, Colby won't be receiving much of a paycheck. However, the gang takes shameful advantage of Colby's employee discount by choosing the shop as a favorite pre-practice hang-out. Whenever a school dance comes around, you can count on Colby helping out with the decisions. (No one is going to mess up his chances for a girlfriend.)

: Colby loves to turn any surface available into the surface of a drum, including his friends' heads. He enjoys testing his skills in multi-player shooting games such as Halo.
Also, if flirting with every hot girl in orbit counts as a hobby, Colby is definitely at the top of his game. Nearly every moment between classes sees Colby hanging out by some girl's locker, chatting up a storm. Sam considers this embarrasing, but the rest of the gang sees it as blackmail fodder.

Weekend Stuff: Colby usually spends his weekend mornings working and/or practicing for band. The afternoons and evenings are dedicated to his friends and his date. (Sadly, there hasn't been a steady girlfriend...) The movies and the mall are preferred hang-outs. They are far away from work, provide plenty of chics, and there is plenty of visual (cinema/arcade) entertainment. Weekends are the escape from school!


  1. Can't decide if I'm happy or sad that I'm not Colby's fictional mom...


  2. Colby definitely sounds like an interesting character! And I know if I were one of their group, I would be at his ice cream shop buying some ice cream!


  3. I always wondered, is it 'flirting with chic's' ... or 'flirting with chicks' ?

    And if it's chicks, would that be the feathered ones? If so, would they like being flirted with?

    Okay, maybe I never wondered this, but I am now. So does it count?



  4. It can go either way Norm- and yes, it is possible to flirt with the feathered chicks.

    Boy, do I have stories of the 2008 fair... Lol, maybe I'll tell some... eventually.