Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who's Who Wednesday

Welcome to Triple W Numero 3! Get ready for the low-down on Alan Mackes!

Age: 15 1/2 (only 1 month younger than Sam)

: Alan has short, curly brown hair and slightly dorky wire-frame glasses. His height is right around equal to Sam's, slightly short for a boy, but not by much. Alan's standard street clothes are a regular t-shirt and a pair of almost-but-not-quite beat up jeans. His worn-out sneakers and Letterman's jacket complete the look.

Driving Status: Alan can drive, just not legally. He's been to lazy to take the permit test and catches a lot of grief for it.

Favorite Class(es)
: Woodshop and Band- where he practices his woodshop talents on the lockers, equipment, etc.

: Trumpet. He shares a band locker with Sam and her piccolo and flute. Although sharing may not be the best word... the locker makes a convenient 2nd closet...

After-School Activities
: Marching band, marching band, and marching band repair. If marching season's over, then he's always helping the other school groups build things for various events. (Think stage sets, props, pep rally displays, etc.)

: Alan is always building or fixing something- or planning how/when to fix something. When he isn't marching on the field, he's usually on the sidelines fixing the drum major's podium, the golf cart, the trailer, the sound system, whatever. Lego bricks have always been of a build-able and collectible interest to Alan. He is also a major sci-fi and fantasy nerd. Star Wars trivia and vampire fascination practically ooze from his pores.

Weekend Stuff: If Alan isn't busy with band or the rest of the crew, he's probably watching re-runs on the Sci-Fi channel. Or weird history shows on History Channel. Or Mythbusters on Discovery. Or... Well, the list is endless. Alan usally has some sort of mechanical project going on in the middle of the backyard or is assembling some weird little gadget on the dining room table... Hang on, Sam wants to say something- "Seriously. If Alan didn't know the rest of the gang, he'd never leave that house but for school and the hardware store! He's just techno-crazy. And to hear him go on about Darth Vader..."

Thank you, Sam for that errm- nice message. Check back next week to meet Matt and don't forget to stop by on Friday to meet Alan's fuzzbomb companion!

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  1. Alan sounds like a great guy! He and Sam sound like they could make a great match:)