Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend in Review...

Okay, I promised an interview- and I give you (drumroll please) an INTERVIEW! Featuring not one, not two, but all five members of the gang! Sam, Colby, Matt, Alan, and Alex. Yes, all of them!

The topic: last weekend's antics...

1. So, you guys keep yourselves busy on the weekends, did you go anywhere?

Alan: We went to the movies... Saturday, right? (looks at Alex)
Alex: Yeah, dude. Saturday.
Sam: Colby brought his date. Was it the girl from California or the one from North Carolina this time? (mocking glare to Colby)
Colby: Hey! Be nice. They're both hot. And it was the NC chic. The Cali one, is well....
Matt: Hot. But too expensive. She bled Colby dry the last time he took her out.
Sam: Oh. Forgot about that. No wonder I'm always paying for Colby's popcorn.

2. You guys are in a year-long band program, did you have practice?
: (relieved) Thankfully, no.
Colby: We only have Saturday practice once a month during the off-season.
Sam: But we still have practice twice a week after school.
Alex & Alan: (simultaneously) Love band, hate practice.

3. Did you guys do anything other than go to the movies?
Sam: The guys did some serious gaming at Alan's house. I practiced when they took their nacho breaks.
Alan: Don't feel bad. One day, you might live longer than 20 seconds on Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
Colby: Not likely. (sees Sam's face- holds up hands) But you make a mean nacho platter!
Alex: I wouldn't get her mad. After all, she's the chef-in-training.
Matt: Yeah. I have a feeling she's handy with the poisons... (grins at Sam)
Sam: Shut up. (glares at Alex and Matt) You're just sore because I beat you in Mario Kart- twice!

4. What was the worst thing you had to deal with yesterday (Monday)?
German quiz! Completely forgot how to talk about my school schedule.
Sam: Algebra II homework. Forgot I had any... (glances at Alex with a sheepish expression)
Alex: Yeah, you're welcome, Sam. Me, I had to prove that I had memorized a musical passage.
Matt: (groans) English test. I hate essay questions- they take too long.
Alan: Spanish. Couldn't translate a paragraph.

Okay, that's it for today. Don't forget about Who's Who Wednesday! Tomorrow will feature a more in-depth look at Colby.


  1. haha, pretty funny. and i agree with matt about essay questions, and sam with the homework forgetting-ness. haha

  2. Love the dialogue! The characters sound great together! Definitely cannot wait to read your book!